• Founded: 1986
  • General Manager: Caity Reynolds
  • Location: Woolloomooloo

Firstdraft is where contemporary art emerges, through a program that is ambitious, critical, and experimental. With artists, curators and writers at our centre we foster diverse practices that embrace risk and pursue excellence through an interconnected artistic program: exhibitions, discursive public programs and live art events. Established in 1986, Firstdraft is a forum in which Australian and international artists push the conceptual boundaries of contemporary art practice through supported development and presentation opportunities.

Firstdraft is an independent, artist-led initiative located in the creative precinct of Woolloomooloo, Sydney and reflects the thoughts and ideas set by our artist peers and community. Formerly a council depot, Firstdraft’s exhibition space is a late Federation-style, flatiron-shaped building that has been converted to accommodate four distinct galleries, two artist studios, and a garden courtyard.